Ending a committed relationship is painful.  Going through the legal process of separation and divorce can be an exhausting and frustrating emotional roller coaster.

Sometimes friends or family are able to provide emotional support. It can also be beneficial to have the ear of a skilled and compassionate counsellor who can offer a neutral and safe space to explore the many implications and emotions of separation and divorce proceedings.

If you are a parent there is that much more to contend with, as you try your best to continue parenting your children. They too are going through their own grief, fears, sadness, and confusion, while you struggle to maintain some semblance of coping.

Divorce affects all members in a family.

My years of experience as a teacher, a school counsellor, a therapist, and a mother of three (now grown) children, have proven to me how difficult this time is for the separated couple and for the children.  I am able to offer not just support, but some well-researched helpful guidelines for parents. 

I offer both individual and group support for adults and children going through this very difficult time.