I love facilitating groups.  Perhaps it is an extension from my teaching days.  Each group creates its own unique dynamic and personality.  Individuals who come together in a group where they share some issue in common offer much support and encouragement to one another.  They share experiences, take risks in being vulnerable, find comfort and learning in an accepting and safe environment.

…I felt welcomed and part of the group…[they] listened in a supportive way… I felt at home with the group.

Wise Women Rising

The intended purpose of the workshops is to provide, in a supportive, caring, accepting, and confidential environment, an opportunity for women to explore their relationship with themselves and others, to utilize creative means of gently tapping into the personal, historical, familial, and spiritual layers of who we really are.

Utilizing guided visualization, image-making, meditation, gentle movement, journalling, and story-writing, women discover that they come away with a deeper appreciation for themselves, their elders and sisters, and often with new and genuine friendships.